Great River Adventure Family Fall Float Trip

Great River Adventure:  Fall Family Float Trip


September 23:

We had our last meeting before the Fall Family Paddle and Potluck.  Hopefully you received the flier in the mail.  Every detail in it and previous posting is still good.  We would appreciate pre-registering to help us figure how many to prepare for the picnic items.  Still a potluck: salad, casserole or dessert from each family to share with the group.

Two items:
1. Bring folding chairs, as seating may be limited for the picnic.
2. I will have a big banner out on Rt. 147 north of Millersburg.  Make the first left after the two cabooses on the left. ** Watch out crossing the railroad tracks**  No gates or lights but the line of sight up and down the tracks is good.

The water level on the river is currently low.  Wear water shoes or old sneakers so you can get out and pull your boat over gravel bars.  Everyone needs to wear a PFD securely.

Please check back next week for any late breaking details.  If you have problems downloading the waiver or registration forms, let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you as Word Documents. John.


Sunday, October 5, 2014 starting at 12 noon.


Our Island Hopper Events have been well attended, educational, and fun for all.    Last year’s SPI event in Selinsgrove was cancelled at the last minute because of potential bad weather.  Too bad, I was looking forward to it.


This year SRTA and the GRA committee are trying something new.  First it will be in the Fall, on a Sunday, and focusing on getting families, kids to grands, out on the river for a safe easy-going float trip.  Second, we will finish the event with a covered dish social picnic at the Margerum Family pavilion ½ mile north of Millersburg just off Rt. 147.  SRTA will supply the plates, cutlery, beverages, and the hot dogs / hamburgers.  We are also asking each family unit to bring a covered dish, salad, or dessert to share with the group.  The cost is $5 per person to cover the shuttle bus and the insurance.


The plan is to meet at 12-noon at Margerums.  We will have GRA signs out on Rt. 147.  We will park our cars there for the trip, unload our boats and gear, and leave the food in the cars or in the pavilion where there is refrigeration and electricity.  The safety talk is at 12:45 and we will put in at 1 PM.  The section of river is easy and beautiful with plenty to see and enjoy.


Our one stop is at Fort Halifax to dedicate a new River Trail Campsite in memory of our recent SRTA President and long-time member Jim McNulty.


Thereafter and just a little further we will pull out at the Halifax town landing, leave our boats and gear under the watchful eye of SRTA volunteers, and catch the shuttle bus back to Margerum’s.  We will have our covered dish picnic dinner there, pack up, leave and pick up our boats and gear in Halifax and be on our way home.


We want everyone to participate, all generations but especially the kids so they can learn to appreciate what a phenomenal resource we have with the Susquehanna River.  If you liked the Island Hopper, you will like this too.  And if you were not an Island Hopper, give the Fall Family Float a try.


Any questions?  John Meister or 697-2261 or 766-2214.

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2014 Roaring Bull Canoe, Kayak and SUP Race
Saturday June 7 - Mahantango Creek to Millersburg. 
Please check out  the results of the 2014 Race.  If any details seem irregular, let me know.



                 C-1 Men

                        Steve Rankinen 1:04:37


                 Racing >17 Men

                        Dale Glover 1:10:42

                        Gary Mullen 1:11:18

Daniel  Harman Jr. 1:11:22

                        Mark Southam 1:13:36

Joseph McMaster 1:14:18

                        Brian Ammon 1:16:52


                  Composite <17 Men

                        Gary Braught 2:58


                  C-1 mixed Standard & stock

                        Ron & Fran Bomberger 1:25:30


                  K-2 Mixed

                        Gary Ballina & Karen Ruppert DNF



                 C-1 Men

                        Charles W. Peters II 1:20:58


                 C-1 Women

                        Lisa Carter 1:05:56


                 K-1 14-17 men

                        Andrew Line 56:57

John Dunkelberger 57:01

Daniel Glover 57:21

Josh Glover 57:41

Rodger Claar 58:15

Al Wilson1:02:31

                        Gaylord Coston


                 K-1 14-17 Women

                        Sharon Reilly 1:04:55


                 K-1 < 14 men

                        Irv Claar 59:03

John Monk, Jr. 1:02:07

                        Brian Palmer 1:04:31

Peter Vitins 1:04:58

Elijah Roeder 1:08:46

                        David Hoffman 1:12:15

                        Frank Gallagher 1:20:24

                        Pete Millvan


                 K-1 < 14 women

Arlene Taylor 57:08

Deb Glover 1:06:24

Kimberly Farrell 1:21:08

                        Jerilynn Millvan


     C-2 men

John & William Koenig 58:42

Nelson & Zachary Martin 1:02:22

Chris Curci & Brian Farrell 1:22:31C-2 mixed

Christy & Brian Martin 1:01:11


      K-2 mixed

Kate & Ron Kraiser 1:09:17


      SUP men

Mark Linn 1:06:56

Tom Johns 1:08:30

Tony Reilly 1:10:35


      SUP women

Jill Wiest 1:09:28

Download forms  >>> 

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Waiver form           DOWNLOAD
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   Results from 2013 Roaring Bull Canoe and Kayak Race held June 1, 2013.

   The Competition Course was 9 miles and the Recreational Course was 6.5 miles.

  C-1       Competition  Male

               1. Mike Carter 1:27:29


  C-1       Recreational     Male

               1. Michael Butler           1:13:50

               2. John Meister             1:33:20


  K-1       Competition  Racing >17’ Male

               1. John Dunkelberger          55:21

               2. Kurt Smithgall           1:03:45

               3. Chad Miner               1:10:02

               4. Brian Ammon              1:15:26

               5. Rick Creamer             1:15:40


  K-1       Competition Racing >17’ Female

               1. Erin Havens              1:33:48


  K-1       Completion  Composite <17  Male

               1.  Dale Glover             1:18:25


  K-1       Recreational All, 14’-17’  Male

               1. Daniel Glover              55:53

               2. Irvin Claar                57:02


  K-1       Recreational  Al, 14’-17’ Female

               1. Susanne Lee              1:10:36

               2. Julie Kostecky           1:11:12

               3. Kim  Farrell             1:11:14


  K-1       Recreational All, <14   Male

               1. Gary Braught               56:59

               2. Rodger Claar               58:40

               3. Andrew Line                59:00

               4. Peter Vitins             1:02:38

               5. Elijah Rieder            1:03:14

               6. Joseph Sholly            1:05:30

               7. Tony Reilly              1:07:01

               8. Josh Wurster             1:07:29

               9. Nathaniel Lupold         1:25:44


  K-1       Recreational   All, <14   Female

               1. Ashley Lupold            1:24:51


  C-2       Competition  Cruiser/Pro    Male

               1. Richard Rabkinen

                  Cole Lee                 1:09:46


  C-2       Competition  Standard & Stock including wood Male

               1. Ron Bomberger

                  Will Koenig              1:16:50


  C-2       Recreational  All    Male

               1. Craig Brashear

                  Benjamin Brashear          59:56

               2. Nelson Martin

                  Zachary Martin           1:02:49


  C-2       Recreational  All   Mixed

               1. John Koenig

                  Katie Schneider          1:00:59

               2. Brian Martin

                  Christy Martin           1:01:11


  K-2       Competition  All   Mixed

               1. Gary Ballina

                  Karen Ruppert            1:07:26

               2. Gary Mullen

                  Kate Wenrich-Kaiser      1:07:41


  R         SUP  Recreational   Male

               1. Dan Reese                1:07:31


  S         SUP  Recreational  Female

               1. Jill Wiest               1:09:51

June 4, 2011 Roaring Bull

Make your request for digital copies of these photos to:

Keith Danner's pictures of Roaring Bull Race


GRA 2011 pictures

Race Results 2011

C-1 Composite Short Course - Men 1st   0:55:25  William Koenig    
                                 2nd   1:11:57  Richard Myers   

C-1 Plastic Short Course - Men   1st   1:24:44  John Meister   

C-2 All Others - Men             1st   0:57:39  John Koenig & Brad Fridinger    

C-2 Std/Stock - Men              1st   0:58:09  Craig Brashear & Benjamin Brashear
                                 2nd   1:03:41  Nelson Martin & Zachary Martin   

C-2 Std/Stock - Mixed            1st  1:01:46   Christy Martin & Brian Martin

Canoe Pro - Men                  1st  0:57:01   Richard Rankinen & Ron  Kaiser
                                 2nd  0:57:27   Ron Bomberger & Jeff Shenberger       

Canoe Pro - Mixed                1st  1:03:26   Aaron Myers & Sarah Myers     

K-1 (<14') - Men                 1st  1:06:23   Elijah Roeder   
                                 2nd  1:27:32   Steve Barnes   
                                 3rd  1:36:42   Michael Werley   

K-1 (<14') - Women               1st   1:27:21  Cheryle Bowser   

K-1 (>17') - Men                 1st   0:57:38  Pat Reilly   
                                 2nd   1:00:01  Gary Mullen   

K-1 (14'-17') - Men              1st   0:51:40  Jeremy Wenrich   
                                 2nd   0:55:23  Gene Kieczkajlo   
                                 3rd   0:54:54  John Dunkelberger   
                                 4th   1:15:32  Rod Kilhefner   

K-1 (14'-17') - Women            1st    0:55:14 Cathy Wenrich