Please help make it happenSRTA is an all-volunteer, 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting sustainable use of the river.  It works toward the continued stewardship of the river and surrounding watershed in partnership with private individuals, environmental and recreational organizations, and government agencies at local, county, state, and federal levels.

To accomplish all of the activities listed below, SRTA needs more individuals, families, clubs and agencies to share in their completion.  Look them over and find one or more for which you could provide leadership or assistance.  Please  email us at susquehannarivertrail@gmail.com 


Island Steward: Visit one or more island campsites monthly during boating season, individually or as part of a team or organization, perform and report light maintenance, report needs for more extensive maintenance, repair, and removal of large debris items or threatening trees.

Island Facility Manager:  Coordinate/supervise maintenance of island facilities, including signage, posts, fire  rings, camping & landing areas.

 Log Book Post Manager:  Fabricate log book posts and contents.  Supervise distribution and collection of log box contents.

Shoreline Maintenance Manager: Recruit/maintain list of Adopt-a-Mile government agencies, organizations and individuals.  Coordinate/supervise collection and disposal of large debris items.

Adopt-a-Miler:  As a government agency, organization, or individual, perform seasonal debris cleanup of assigned stretch of shoreline.

Invasives Monitor:  Receive training by DCNR.  Monitor and report on presence of designated invasive plant and animal species.  Assist in any control or removal activities.

Jon Boat Operator:  Be trained in power boat operation.  Provide own or operate SRTA boat and or trailer for activities.

Brush Hog Operator:  Be trained in Brush Hog operation.  Operate equipment as needed.


Trip Leader:  Take leadership position for any group trips organized by SRTA.

Safety Boater:  Be trained and certified in water safety and rescue skills.  Use them to support any on water activities.

GRA Event Planner:  Direct or assist in operation of activities involved in producing the annual GRA event.


Newsletter Editor/Writer:  Obtain, write and/or edit information for SRTA newsletter.  Compose newsletters and/or publicity releases.

Photo/Video Editor:  Obtain/produce/edit/archive photos and/or video products for use in newsletters, publicity releases and publications, including water, island, SRTA activities and wildlife scenes.

Publications Distributor:  Process, inventory and distribute newsletters, publicity fliers and other media.

Public Relations Coordinator:  Manage publicity releases, interviews, displays and promotional events/activities.

Public Relations RepresentativeStaff displays at various events