An Island Adventure on the
Susquehanna River - Middle Section

Great River Adventure:  this year's date is June 3, 2017.  Check the GRA page for details.

New Island Camping Opportunity South of Harrisburg on Sassafras Island... See  Island Info and Maps page

In case of a life threatening emergency call 911. To report campsite problems contact:

Ranger Chad Woleslagle
PA DCNR - Bureau of Forestry
Phone: 570-527-9523

Everyone in the general public is encouraged and welcome to use the Susquehanna River Trail but please be aware:

WARNING TO ALL RIVER TRAIL USERS: Canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping and other river-related outdoor activities have inherent risks. The river environment (moving water, cold water, deep water, tricky currents, rocks, poison ivy, ticks, etc.), weather extremes (cold, heat, electrical storms, wind, etc.), and man –made structures (esp. dams) pose potential hazards. The river trail user should familiarize themselves with these hazards and have or obtain adequate skills to safely experience the river environment. Your safety is your responsibility!

Note: Since the printing of this trail guide, there have been island campsite closures and new campsites developed.

Campsites 105, 103, and 101 have been permanently closed. New campsites - 121, 120a, 120b, 101a, 101b, and 73a – have

been developed. Campsite 73 is now known as 73b. For more information on these sites including updated GPS coordinates,

please visit

Are You a 444 Club Member?

The Susquehanna River 444 Club would like to recognize anyone who has paddled the entire 444 miles of the Susquehanna River Water Trail from Cooperstown, NY to Havre de Grace, MD.  It is an elite club. (READ MORE)

NOW is the time to join SRTA... all NEW memberships received after June 30 will apply to 2017 as well as the remainder of 2016.

Under the Trail Stewardship section of the web site, go to the Forms-Docs page to print out a copy of the Membership Application. Find out about a reduced price and premium for getting a two year membership!
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How To Contact Us
  • SRTA Email Account -  The email is checked daily, and where indicated, messages are forwarded to the most appropriate contact person for action or a response.
  • SRTA Post Office Box - SRTA, PO Box 62023, Harrisburg PA 17106-2023 The postal mailbox is checked weekly, and where indicated, mail is forwarded to the most appropriate contact person for action or a response.

Trail Guide Supplementary Update Charts:

A reminder: An update to the printed trail guide can be found on the Trail Guides page. It contains additions and changes to the trail features that have occurred since the guide was printed. It will be updated as changes occur or are reported.

On June 18, 2012, the chart on River Shore Amenities, P3, was updated to reflect changes in the Selinsgrove shore area, including an additional outfitter, Creekside Ventures, and the addition of a shore-side campground, Ferryboat Campsites, just south of Liverpool.

On July 9, 2012, the chart on River Shore Amenities, P7, was updated to reflect a change of location for Susquehanna Outfitters, in the Harrisburg area.


Isle of Que River Guides has added a new feature section to their web site where readers can actively participate in several forums concerning the river and its resources and health. Visit it now to share information.