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Mike Traxler, President

Scott Frost, VP

Jeff Miller, Secretary

John Meister, Treasurer

Heather Kerr, DCNR Liaison

Brady Stroh, Website


  • Memberships include all listed family members living in the same household. 

  • Membership may be:  1 year for $25 or...  Lifetime for $250.00:   

  • All new member families will receive a color Chesapeake Bay Wildlife Pocket Naturalist Guide.

  • All member families will receive a membership card/receipt, and receive newsletters by US MAIL or publication notices by email.

  • New member families will receive a boat/bumper sticker, and a 2003 edition, waterproof, folded copy of the Susquehanna River Water Trail - Middle Section Guide. 

  • Applications received after June 30 will take effect immediately and continue through the end of the next calendar year.   

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